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Here’s a little bit about us. We got the show on the road in 2003. Our objectives have always been to give kids, both local and international, the resources and knowledge to make a better life for themselves.



Our efforts are branched into three categories: infrastructure, technology, and education. Our infrastructure efforts include building a community center from the ground floor in Ecuador, repairing roofs in Utah, renovating a bathroom for a single mom in Pittsburgh, painting houses in Montana, and moving furniture in Virginia.



Our education efforts consist of bringing knowledgeable people to areas where that knowledge is absent. We have taught basic CPR and First Aid, construction, finances, nutrition, and physical education. And we have begun teaching computer science and the foundations of coding and 3D printing to young girls and boys in local communities. Our objectives are to teach them to be self-sufficient to serve their community while becoming leaders in the tech industry.



Nomads is something a lot of great people believe in and we hope you can see our vision and be one of us great people.



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