AMY, 22.




My first Nomads trip was in 2008. I was in the 8th grade, and I was excited to go to a new community and volunteer. The feeling was the same this year, when I traveled with the Nomads to Nueva Prosperina, Ecuador. I got that fast heartbeat, excited anticipation feeling when I signed up for the trip. Not only was I able to travel to South America and see a different culture, but I was able to do so with an awesome group of people. For me, Nomads has always been an inspiration to travel, meet new friends, and really connect with people living in different situations and various parts of the world. Where am I now? Last week my answer would have been somewhere in Europe, but today I’m home in Monson, MA where it all started. Soon, I’ll be moving to Boston to study Physical Therapy at Northeastern University. And I can tell you for sure, the Nomads helped me to get where I am. The Nomads taught me to travel, showed me to volunteer, and allowed me to make friends with people I never would have known. The motto has it right– Follow your Heart, Change the World. The jury is still out on whose world was changed more, mine or the citizens of Nueva Prosperina.